3/2008 (3/29 Sat - 4/5 Sat)

South Caribbean Cruise ( Puerto Rico 3/29 & 4/5, St. Thomas 3/30, St. Kitts 3/31, Grenada 4/1, Bonaire 4/2 and Aruba 4/3)
    Vessel: Princess Crown

Greater Flamingo
Yellow-shouldered Parrot - National Park, Bonaire
Brown-throated Parakeet - Tierra del Sol Golf Course, Aruba
Northern / Tropical Mockingbird - Grenada; photo of Tropical Mockingbird
    Tropical Mockingbird ,
    more 1: "In the limited area of overlap in southern Mexico, it can be separated from the very similar Northern Mockingbird by the lack of a whitish patch near the base of the primaries.",
    The Mockingbird (Corrie Herring Hooks Series) by Robin W. Doughty (1995) [According to the book and wikipedia, the Mockingbirds seen in South Caribbean are probably Tropical.  Since they are close relative and occasionally interbreed, I would like to treat them as one category.]  page: 17
    Here has pictures of all 3 Mockingbirds.
Mourning Dove - St. Thomas
Pearly-eyed Thrasher - St. Thomas;  photo: <1>  <2>
Brown Pelican - St. Thomas
Belted Kingfisher  - St. Thomas 
Semipalmated Sandpiper (or Western?) - St. Kitts; photo:  <1>  <2>  <3>
Troupial (like Baltimore Oriole) - pier, Bonaire; photo
Bananaquit - Bonaire; photo
Bananaquit, Grenada and St. Vincent race (completely black). also called Black See-See - Grenada; photo

In the races of St. Vincent (atrata) and Grenada (aterrima) most individuals are black while on Los Testigos (ferryi) and Los Roques (lowii), islets of northern Venezuela, all are black.

Pictures of the "Black Bananaquit" and other Caribbean birds found on Web

More pictures found on Web   pdf


5/10/2008 (Sat)

Forest Park - from Metropolitan Ave & Park Lane South, going toward the waterhole

Jean ( dm5078 AT aol.comReport

Common Yellowthroat

Kentucky warbler Oporornis formosus


http://birdfreak.com/bird-conservation-kentucky-warbler/ - a secretive eastern wood warbler that has shown steady declines over the last 30 years. The total population as of 2004 is around 1,100,000. The biggest threat to the Kentucky Warbler is habitat loss, fragmentation and parasitism from Brown-headed Cowbirds.

Eastern Kingbird

Blackburnian Warbler, known as the firethroat - I:\200705\bird\200805\blackburnian-Warbler-male.jpg

Baltimore Oriole


5/31/2008 (Sat)

Jewel Ave., Van Wick Entry

House Finch - several males and females (with males so I assume not House Sparrow)

Catbirds, one Yellow Warbler, one Cardinal in the basketball field.

one young Mourning Dove.

one female Robin caught a caterpillar


6/7/2008 (Sat) morning

1 Common Grackle, 1 Catbird

House Finch - more than 1 males and females

Juvenile Robin, Juvenile Starling

1 Catbird drink water

Baltimore Oriole preen on a high branch for > 5 min


6/14/2008 (Sat) morning


Unofficial site of Marine Nature Study Area


6/21/2008 (Sat)

Forest Park

a good and long look of a Blue Jay, an immature Robin, a beautiful female Cardinal

perhaps seen a male Orchid Oriole and a waxwing

many Common Grackles

when coming back to the parking (overlook) at Park Lane South, seen a catbird along the steep road (the portion of East Main Dr between Metropolitan Ave and Park Lane South).


6/26-29/2008 (Thu-Sun)



7/4/2008 (Fri)

Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

tree swallow


7/19/2008 (Sat)

Breezy Point

w/ naturalist Ron Bourque

song sparrow, tree swallow, mourning dove, mockingbird, red-winged blackbirds, killdeers, oystercatchers, common terns, baby common tern, other terns? (least tern?), black skimmers, sanderlings, 4 species of gulls, piping plovers, Willet, double-crested cormorants.


7/26/2008 (Sat) 1pm

Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, East and West Pond

w/ naturalist Don Riepe

semipalmated sandpipers, least sandpipers, semipalmated  plovers, Short-billed Dowitchers,  laughing gulls, black skimmer, Lesser Yellowlegs, Glossy Ibises, Little Blue Heron, juvenile double-crested cormorants, Snowy Egrets, etc.

on the bird-log, somebody saw Wilson's Phalarope today and previous days.


8/10/2008 (Sun) 2pm

Forest Park, Reclamation Pond

female red-winged blackbirds and young cardinals and robins.


8/17/2008 (Sun) 5pm

Forest Park, Reclamation Pond

female red-winged blackbirds (RWBBs) and perhaps a blue-winged warbler.

Photo of immature male RWBB found on Web



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